Standard Edition


Professional Edition

  • Standard batch resizing, rotation and destination features
  • Advanced batch resizing, rotation and destination features
  • Apply text and image Watermarks to photos
  • Apply Colour Adjustment to photos (brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma, highlights, shadows, vibrance, temperature)
  • Apply Rounded corners to photos
  • Lifetime license
  • Bypass "Product key prompt" startup screen
  • Output resized photos to Compressed ZIP file
  • Ability to apply completion actions such as delete original photos or move original photos to another folder
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System Requirements

  • Windows Windows XP XP/Window Vista Vista/Windows 7 Windows 7/Windows 8 Windows 8, 8.1, 10/Windows 11 Windows 11 (32 and 64 bit)
  • 128MB RAM
  • 5MB HD
  • SVGA or Higher Resolution Display with 800x600 or higher resolution
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

Whats new?

v3.15.0.579 - [4th July 2022]   New
  • Added the ability to drag image files onto Fotosizer desktop shortcut and open the files.
  • Added Fotosizer to "Open with" Windows Explorer context menu list for supported image formats.
  • Added Italian language translation corrections.
  • Added support for long file paths more than 260 characters that previously caused "Path too long exception" error.
  • Fixed errors displaying file dates in image selection list for some languages.
  • Fixed error displaying images in image list when system date time format contains a single quote.
  • Fixed uninstall of Fotosizer when using /S command line option so that uninstall complete dialog is not displayed.
  • Fixed incorrect hiding of crop position when changing to % unit using the Crop resize mode.
  • Added auto selection of Image watermark tab if only the image watermark is chosen and not text watermark.
  • Changed selection of image watermark image so that the initial folder is that of the currently selected watermark image.
  • Fixed error in font picker for selecting text watermark font.
  • Fixed error when adding exif watermark text where the exif property was blank that caused image not to be processed.
Destination settings
  • Added option to automatically make filenames "web safe".
  • Fixed error when using the %OFP-N custom filename mask.

v3.14.0.578 - [12th October 2021]
  • Added reset license button to error dialog for maximum number of license installations have been exceeded.
  • Added /PRODUCTKEY command line parameter option to Fotosizer installer to be able to set product key during installation.
  • Added Cold effect.
  • Added Warm effect.
  • Added Dark effect.
Colour adjustments
  • Added ability to apply Shadows adjustment.
  • Added ability to apply Highlights adjustment.
  • Added ability to apply Vibrance adjustment.
  • Added ability to apply Temperature adjustment.
  • Minor UI updates to Colour adjustment section to make look and feel a bit cleaner.
Completion actions
  • Fixed File not found error when using completion actions and do not enlarge if smaller or other settings that mean the image is not reprocessed are being used.

v3.13.0.577 - [17th February 2021]
  • Added corrections to German translations.
  • Added corrections to Greek translations.
  • Fixed using duplicate source images folder setting with a UNC server file path as the source image path.
  • Added Pause and Resume feature to resizing progress.
  • Fixed "Processed X images message" in resize progress dialog so that it shows the correct number of images up to the point of cancellation (when the cancel button is clicked).
  • Fixed shadow offset on text watermarks.
Colour Adjustments
  • Added ability to apply Gamma correction.

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